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Winter Creek


Snow melts, water runs
Dry now, only rocks abound.
In winter, new birth.


Certain Death

A heated topic online,
and without warning the air is gone.
The next palpitation, an endless flutter.
Fluttering down into my belly like a sack of rocks.
Has my heart stopped? What if this is a real arrhythmia?
Shirt comes off, bare breasts to the floor. Cool air rushes from the vent.
I just need more.
I’m here alone with my children and I’m going to die.
I can’t breathe. Here logic does not apply. The only certainty is death.
My heart is fluttering, skipping, beating around.
Changing rhythm with every breath.
I cannot seem to get off the floor.
For as soon as I do, I know I would fall,
and this whole life before me with its beautiful
laughter and happiness would cease to be at all.
Help soon arrives 45 minutes condensed into one.
My heart rate still a mess; and I, still naked and clinging to the
vent on the floor, he wraps me up and leads me to the door.



On the dusty path I stumbled,
the loose stone I kicked.
The journey, arduous. Never easy, Never quick.

The fire grows in response to a single strike.
The doomed take cover, the intelligent take flight.
Oh, Disaster of Comfort, Oh, cost of repair;
abandoned by those who would never dare,
to forsake one task in pursuit of the other,
a wealth of dreams forever shuttered.

Now must we answer for our foolish mistake.
And repay that which was never ours to take.
Once she’s shed her burden, Earth will remain,
another species to rise for its fifteen seconds of fame.